Disaster Preparation & Recovery

Our Capacity to Respond

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, in 1990, directed that a disaster response office be established by Catholic Charities USA to coordinate the Catholic Church’s responses to disasters in the United States and to disburse disaster relief funds to local Catholic Charities agencies.  The goal was to develop within each diocese, particularly in high-risk, natural disaster prone areas, the capacity to respond to disasters by the formation of a trained response team.

The Bishops of the State of Florida organized a cooperative partnership for disaster response and recovery across diocesan boundaries. The partnership developed a Mutual Aid Agreement which enables a coordinated response to disasters affecting any or all of the dioceses in Florida. In the event of a Presidential-declared disaster affecting part or all of Florida, each Bishop may direct Catholic Charities to engage in fund and materials raising activities for disaster response and recovery.

Catholic Charities of Central Florida’s involvement with Disaster Response & Recovery in Central Florida includes the disbursement of emergency food, finances and counseling to the affected area. Emergency Procedures for the Workplace have been distributed among parishes and are available upon request. The CCCF's  headquarters in Orlando has the capacity to organize the collection, packaging, and distribution of large amounts of food, water, and personal care items from each of the five regional offices, including emergency food supplies from  the Agape Food Bank in Lakeland, FL.  

Catholic Charities of Central Florida collaborates with local, state and federal emergency service providers and are able to provide direct services in the aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes and floods from each regional office.  CCCF licensed Critical Stress Management counselors are also available to assist with post-traumatic stress issues.

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